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The Trust Department of Colorado Bank & Trust Company has a wealth of experience managing funds for many kinds of plans and trusts. Our well-earned reputation speaks for itself throughout the state. We have the experience you can trust.

Our cash sweep program allows trusts to earn a market return on the un-invested cash balances for which no interest is otherwise earned or paid.  At the current time, The Colorado Bank & Trust has chosen to use Fidelity Class I (0057).  The annual report and monthly holding reports may be accessed using the link: Click Here

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Estate Planning

Our professionals work with attorneys to develop plans for the orderly disposition of estates.

Personal Representatives

Experience, objectivity and permanence make this Bank an excellent choice for personal representative of estates.


The Bank manages property according to the terms of the trust agreement in the best interest of grantors and their beneficiaries.


The Bank acts as Conservator of property of minors and others who, for any reason, are unable to properly attend their own business affairs.

Investment Agency

Stocks, bonds, mortgage, real estate and other property may be deposited with the Bank under agency agreements. Services of the Bank include safekeeping of securities, periodic investment analysis, and collection of rents, interest and dividends and disbursement of the net income.

Other Trust Services

The Bank acts as custodian, agent, paying agent, escrow agent, and in many other special capacities.

Types of Trusts

Trusts under Wills, Living Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, and Corporate Trusts are among the instruments managed by the Bank. Our Trust Officers are available to discuss the benefits of each type of trust without obligation.