Remote Deposit Capture FAQ

What is Remote Deposit Capture or RDC?

Remote Deposit Capture is a free service to deposit checks to your Colorado Bank and Trust Company checking account(s) electronically by using the camera on your smartphone or other electronic device to transmit images through the Colorado Bank and Trust Mobile Banking App.

Will RDC benefit me?

Yes. Using RDC allows you to safely deposit checks to your checking accounts(s), anytime and anywhere you have internet service with your smartphone or other electronic device--saving you time, money and gas.

Do I need to apply for RDC?

Yes. You must apply and be approved for enrollment prior to using the Colorado Bank and Trust RDC service. You will be sent an email notification of your enrollment status within three business days, but often the turnaround time is much shorter.

Is there a cost to use RDC?

No. However, usage rates from your mobile carrier may apply when using Colorado Bank and Trust Mobile Banking App.

Is RDC safe and secure?

Yes. The Colorado Bank and Trust Mobile Banking App encrypts data using state of the art image processing and optical character recognition. The phone cache is cleared after every session so the check images are not stored on your device.

Am I eligible to use RDC?

To use RDC you must:

  • Have an active Colorado Bank and Trust Company checking account
  • Be enrolled in Internet Banking
  • Accept the Online Banking/Mobile Banking Agreement form online
  • Install the Mobile App on your smartphone or other electronic device
  • List your current email address within Internet Banking
  • Be in good standing with Colorado Bank and Trust Company
  • Apply for and be approved to use RDC

Can I use RDC to deposit funds to any Colorado Bank and Trust Company account?

No. You can only deposit checks to the checking accounts(s) reported in your Internet Banking Account of which you are an account holder.

Can I use RDC on more than one checking account that I have with Colorado Bank and Trust?

Yes, you can deposit to any checking account reported in your Internet Banking Account of which you are an account holder.

How do I access RDC?

Contact one of our Customer Service representatives to request enabling RDC on your internet banking account at 719.384.8131 or 719.546.2268 or 800.799.8131, during business hours.

Access “Deposit Checks” from the list of services within the Colorado Bank and Mobile Banking App, choose “Make a Deposit” and follow the instructions on your smartphone or device screen.

Do I need a deposit slip with my check?


How do I verify that a check has been accepted?

After submitting the deposit, the screen with note that the deposit was successful. We will send you acceptances for deposits or rejections via email. You will also see the deposit in your account history if it is successful. All RDC deposits will include a physical review by the Colorado Bank and Trust and deposits may be adjusted or rejected based on the check's content and accuracy being invalid. All deposits must meet our deposit criteria.

What do I do if I get an error message while making a deposit?

Review the message for failed reasons and make adjustments accordingly.

How do I take a picture of the check?

  • Ensure bright, but indirect sunlight to avoid shadows
  • Hold the camera directly over the check
  • Use the borders to properly zoom and scale, to ensure the entire check fits within the space
  • The picture should only include the image of the check. (Make sure other checks, books, keys, change or any shiny items are NOT in the picture as they can interfere with the transmission. Reflections, glare and images with numbers and letters can also cause problems with image verification and may cause the check to not be accepted)
  • Ensure the check is flat
  • Place the check on non-shiny surface
  • For the back of the image, endorsement should be on the right side of the image.

What do I do if I get an image error message?

Retake the picture as directed.

If I entered an incorrect amount for a deposited check, should I re-deposit the check?

No. The check can only be deposited into RDC once. If you've entered the check amount incorrectly, it will most likely be in pending status awaiting further review. In many cases a Colorado Bank and Trust Customer Service Representative will review the deposit, correct the amount, and adjust your account, allowing the check to process. However, if you do not see that the deposit posted, please contact Colorado Bank and Trust at 800.799.8131 or 719.384.8131 or 719.546.2268.

Do I need to endorse a check submitted using RDC?

Yes. An endorsement is required. Checks must be properly endorsed by all payees, noting “Colorado Bank and Trust RDC Deposit only” below the endorsement. All payees must be listed as owners of the Checking account.

What types of checks does RDC accept?

Acceptable check types made payable to you in U.S. dollars include: personal checks, business checks, or cashier's checks drawn on a financial institution located within the U.S.

What types of checks does RDC NOT accept?

  • Foreign Checks/Foreign Currency
  • Savings Bonds
  • Money Orders
  • Altered Checks
  • Third Party checks
  • Stale Dated Checks (checks with a date greater than 6 months)
  • Checks made out incompletely or incorrectly
  • Non-Negotiable items
  • Damaged checks
  • Non-legible checks
  • Cash/Change

What should I do with my check after using RDC?

Retain the check for 60 days after the deposit has posted to your account. After 60 days, it is a best practice to shred the check. DO NOT mail the check to the Colorado Bank and Trust Company. We suggest after you deposit a check, put a note on the front corner of the check with the date and RDC, to prevent accidentally trying to deposit the check more than once.

If I use both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, will I see my transaction history reflected in both places?


Is the service available 24/7?

The RDC can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except when our system is unavailable due to needed maintenance. Generally, maintenance occurs once a month during nighttime hours. During that time, the app will display the following message: “Mobile Deposit is Temporarily Unavailable.” Any Remote Deposits received by the Bank after 3:00 p.m. MST will be processed on the next business day.

May I make multiple check deposits in the same session?

You can only submit one check for deposit at a time. However, you may make additional deposits by simply choosing “Deposit Another Check” once you have received confirmation that your previous deposit has been received.

Is there a limit on amount of deposits in RDC?

The total dollar amount of checks that can be transmitted to us by Mobile Banking Deposit is $10,000.00 per business day.

For any other questions or additional information, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 719.384.8131 or 719.546.2268 or 800.799.8131, during business hours, or refer to the Online Banking/Mobile Banking Agreement posted in Forms in your Internet Banking Account.